Long-Term Care


We’re Setting the Standards in Long-Term Care

Long-term care (LTC) is a variety of services which help meet both the medical and non-medical needs of people with a chronic illness or disability who cannot care for themselves for long periods.

We offer a primary care model complete with skilled nursing facilities, to provide critical care. Multiple floors dedicated to serve both temporary and ongoing long- term patients with levels of acuity – ranging from simple to severe, requiring a varying range of medical care including cardiac monitoring, bedside nursing and ventilators.

Patients and families are also essential members of the treatment team. Our facilities are community- based, while our clinical practices follow international best treatment standards. Through this approach we provide patients the quality care they deserve while maintaining their spiritual and cultural principles.

Home-Like environment ICU level capabilities with all the comforts of home. The best recovery environment.

SRH provides care for chronically ill patients at our long term care center

It started with a dream – a complete care center where people could get attention and care. Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital aims at providing people with what they look for. Our focus remains on those that are terminally or chronically ill well as disabled. Knowing that people in these categories need constant attention and care, we bring them the long term care center that gives them care and relief.

A long term care hospital with a focus on care management

Unlike other facilities that you may have visited, we at SRH have done our homework. To be the best long term care hospital in town, we focused on addressing the needs of patients. This helped us identify the equipment and machinery, medicines and the facility. Likewise, we committed to introducing highly professional staff, qualified nurses and physicians. Our staff focuses on providing quality care to all patients alike. We have different categories in place, according to which we classify patients and the type of treatment they might need. These include normal, severe and emergency care and treatment. Patients looking for urgent care may require more attention.

Urgent services and immediate medical care

We understand that patients needing emergency treatment have little time. We focus on providing urgent medical attention to those in need. Our proficient medical staff and cutting-edge machinery are there to help. We take patients to the relevant department immediately after preliminary check-up. With facilities like ventilators, 24/7 ICU Abu Dhabi facility, respiratory therapy, paediatric care to name a few, we have the treatment you may be looking for.

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For Adults

For Adults

Providing long-term Care with customized multidisciplinary treatment plans and 24/7 trained physician & medical Staff , including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and opportunities for skills development through assistive communication, serve ongoing long- term patients with levels of acuity – ranging from simple to severe, requiring a varying range of medical care including cardiac monitoring, bedside nursing and ventilators.
For Kids

For Kids

SRH is a hospital fully equipped to look after pediatric patients with complex medical needs including children with chronic respiratory failure requiring mechanical and non-invasive ventilation. It’s a Consultant led service that provides medical and rehabilitation care, 24/7 intensive care coverage, radiology and laboratory services- Rotating photos of patient’s room –medical gas /mechanical ventilators (home and acute), non-invasive radiology and laboratory.
Ventilator services & Ventilator Weaning

Ventilator services & Ventilator Weaning

our ventilator weaning program is one of the most effective in the world – even when all acute attempts have failed, we often succeed. Under Specialized Rehabilitations Hospital’s care most patients will soon reduce their reliance on ventilation – or be free of it altogether.

Dedicated Doctors Team

Dr. Keneth Ngu Geh

Dr. Keneth Ngu Geh

Director of Internal Medicine