Dr. Ramarao Lankipalli

Dr. Ramarao Lankipalli

Consultant Cardiologist

– American Board-Certified Cardiology.
– American Board-Certified Nuclear Cardiology.
– American Board-Certified Echocardiography (Level 3).
– American Board-Certified Cardiac CT angiography.
– American Board-Certified Internal Medicine (ABIM).
– Member Royal College of Physicians. UK.
– Fellow in Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.
– Fellow in Cardiovascular Medicine, Drexel University Pennsylvania.

Scope of service:

Dr. Lankipalli’s primary interests are preventive clinical cardiology, cardiac imaging and cardiac rehabilitation. He is excited to be leading the specialized and dedicated cardiac rehabilitation program, a first of its kind in the region at Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital.  His team includes highly specialized and well trained cardiac therapists, nurses, technicians and rehabilitation consultants.  This program offers individualized care to meet every patient’s needs. In most cases our services are covered by Thiqa insurance.

Patients with cardiac risk factors, who already have had heart attack, had coronary stents, underwent cardiac bypass surgery and those with heart failure will all benefit from cardiac rehabilitation. We strive to give our best in improving quality of life, longevity and functional independence. We educate and train our patients to carry on with healthy, fruitful and productive lives.

Along with previous services we also offer:

– Cardiology Consultation.
– Cholesterol management.
– Hypertension management.
– Preventive cardiology.
– Electrocardiography.
– Echocardiography.
– Cardiac Stress Testing.
– Peripheral vascular disease.
– Ankle Brachial Index.
– Coronary calcium scoring.
– Cardiac and coronary CT angiography.

Symptoms for patients to seek Cardiology consultation

– Unusual tiredness and shortness of breath.
– Palpitations (Feeling of rapid heartbeat).
– Chest pain.
– Leg pain with walking.
– Dizziness/Feeling like passing out.
– Passing out.

Situations to seek Cardiology Consultation

– Family history of heart attack.
– Family history of sudden death.
– Family history of any cardiovascular diseases including congenital heart diseases.