Dr. Jassin Hamed

Dr. Jassin Hamed

Consultant Internal Medicine

Scope of service:

Dr. Jassin Hamed received his Medical Degree from the University of Hamburg, Germany in May 1991. He finished his courses for Emergency/Rescue Medicine in 1996 by the Medical Chamber of Hamburg. He was granted Facharzt of Internal Medicine/Critical Care by the Medical Association Schleswig Holstein in 2006. Achieved Specialist and continued his training in Wound Care Management from the University of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Jassin completed his research work on the hemorrhagic fever by the Lassa Virus at the Bernhard-Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine and Parasitology in 1992.

Dr. Jassin worked in various hospitals in UK and Germany for 30 years with extensive experience in general and orthopedic surgery, rescue medicine, internal medicine, intensive care and diabetology.

More than 10 years he served as Senior consultant and medical director of the Outpatient specialty center, lead of wound care and acute medicine, Faculty in the accredited Internal Medicine Residency program – while expanding knowledge in palliative and holistic care, nutritional medicine and infectious diseases including tropical diseases and parasitology.

Currently Dr. Jassin is the Vice President of the International Interprofessional Wound Care Group Abu Dhabi, who were awarded to organize the upcoming World Congress of WUWHS in March 2022 here in Abu Dhabi.

His next tenure here at Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Abu Dhabi will establish holistic care for all our patients…