Stroke Rehabilitation Program

What We Do

Our stroke program is a built as a comprehensive neurological recovery system focusing both on the organic recovery in neuroplasticity as well as functional recovery for return to life activities. Our team is experienced in a wide range of disciplines, including neurology, neuro-cognition, rehabilitation medicine, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, Respiratory therapy, and pain management.

SRH is being recognized as a pioneer in medical rehabilitation not only due to our affiliation with the number 1 rehabilitation institute in the world (Shirley Ryan Ability Lab) but also because of what services we are offering to our patients every day, where we integrate advanced treatment, proven therapies and technologies that benefit our patient recovery

Our Approach

Our neuro rehabilitation team takes a multidisciplinary approach to your care and includes all the above disciplines and professionals with the single goal of getting you better and back to life.

Our Physical medicine doctor — as well as neurologists and specialists in related rehabilitation disciplines — guide your care and help prevent complications. These physicians also help you gain and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors to avoid another stroke or future medical problems.

Our rehabilitation nurses specialize in caring for people with limitations to activities and can help you incorporate the skills you learn into your daily routines. Rehabilitation nurses can also offer options for managing bowel and bladder related complications of a stroke.

Our Physiotherapists help you relearn movements, maintain range of motion and strength as well as stability such as required for walking and keeping your balance.

Our Occupational therapists help you reclaim function in hand and arm use for daily skills such as bathing, tying your shoes or buttoning your shirt. Occupational therapists can also address some cognitive issues, safety in your home and recommendations for adaptive equipment to assist you in daily activities.

Our Speech and language pathologists help you improve your language skills and ability to swallow. Speech and language pathologists can also work with you to develop tools to address memory, thinking and communication problems.

Our Psychologists assess your thinking skills and help address your mental and emotional health concerns.

Dedicated Doctors Team


Dr. Bosung Kang

Consultant Physical Medicine Rehabilitation

Dr. Keneth Ngu Geh

Dr. Keneth Ngu Geh

Director Of Internal Medicine