Pediatric Rehabilitation


Fully Equipped to Take Care of Your Child

SRH is a hospital fully equipped to look after pediatric patients with complex medical needs including children with chronic respiratory failure requiring mechanical and non-invasive ventilation. It’s a Consultant led service that provides medical and rehabilitation care, 24/7 intensive care coverage, radiology and laboratory services.

This service is led by PM&R Consultants and is directly linked to the leading rehabilitation center in the US, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab (SRA). To ensure that our pediatric patients receive the best of rehabilitation care, cases are routinely discussed with the experts at SRA. and feedback implemented

Conditions looked after by our team include :

1.Traumatic brain injury.
2. Cerebral palsy/spasticity.
3. Prematurity related complications such as: Chronic Lung disease and chronic respiratory failure, feeding difficulties and developmental delay.
4. Genetic and chromosomal disorders.
5. Muscular dystrophies.
6. Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.


7. Acquired brain injury.
8. Stroke.
9. Spinal cord injury.
10. Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
11. Brain and spinal cord tumors.
12. Cancer –post therapy rehabilitation for build up endurance.

Bait Al Qudra Pediatric Gym

Endurance suites digitally advanced and equipped with the latest in robotics, bionics and virtual reality treatment.

Uniquely designed with focus on neural and physiotherapeutic activities based on strong evaluation of a patient’s structural, kinematic, and dynamic movement.

Each suite offers access to the latest in rehabilitative medicine equipment, emerging technologies and latest modalities to promote scientifically back hope and healing.

Our physicians, therapists, physiologists and nurses guide our patients through exercise techniques to rehabilitate and strengthen.

Pediatrics GYM:

– NDT neurodevelopmental certified therapists.
– Simulation –to them its play to us its therapy –everyone is happy!
– Robotics


Sensory Chamber

Snozelen therapy is known to have a positive effect on physiological , cognitive and behavioral  changes in children .

The sensory chamber at SRH is designed to create a space that helps reduce agitation and anxiety , while at the same time, it engages , delights,stimulaties, reactions and encourages communication.

– Therapy for children with limited communication skills.
– Aimed at enhancing the child’s senses through a range of stimuli including light, color, sound, sensory soft objects, aromas all within a safe environment


The healthy effect of water is applied in a safe and therapeutic environment ,our hydrotherapy is designed to improve functional mobility ,balance  and the ability to walk . it can also relive pain and increase the range of motion.

– Is a fun form of physiotherapy which makes use of the natural buoyancy, heat and resistance of water

– Therapeutic effects include: general fitness, joint mobilization, trunk stabilization, balance, coordination and strengthening

For Parents

How Do We Look After Your Child ?

Our state of the art inpatient facility treats babies, teens and young adults up to the age of 17 years who need intensive daily therapy in the hospital for a new, sudden illness or injury or to heal from a complicated surgery or after a traumatic event. Comprehensive therapy including PT, OT, Speech, nursing helps teach your child to dress, walk, talk and eat. Our goal is to prepare your child to return home doing as much as they can on their own.

During the first few days on the unit, the entire team evaluates your child’s needs and designs a custom treatment plan. Parents are a key member of our team. Goals are set, which will change as your child improves.

Each day, a team of doctors, nurses and specialists comes to your child’s bedside to talk with you, review progress and answer questions. On a regular basis, we meet with your family to discuss how your child is doing and how long to continue inpatient rehab. You, your child and your care team decide together when your child no longer needs daily therapy and is ready to leave the hospital.

Dedicated Doctors Team

Dr. Tayseer El Hassan

Dr. Tayseer El Hassan

Pediatrics Consultant