Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

1. To be treated with dignity and respect, to the highest professional standards.
2. To receive care that is considerate and respectful of their personal values and beliefs.
3. To have privacy both of person and information.
4.To receive information on admission regarding Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital’s regulations and relevant policies.
5. To be involved in any decision making about their treatment and care.
6.To have communications in their native language or through the services of an interpreter.
7. To be referred to a specialist/consultant for special care when there is a clinical need.
8. To received detailed explanation of their condition, care, treatment and aftercare.
9. To have access to their Medical Record and Medical Information.
10. To privacy during examination, procedures, clinical care/ treatment.
11.To refuse and accept treatment based on personal decision.
12. To expect safe, efficient and prompt nursing care.
13. To seek second opinion if they so choose.
14. To have signed consent forms prior to any procedure; in the case of a minor, the consent shall be obtained from the parents or legal guardians.
15. To have all clinical and pharmaceutical records kept updated and relevant, and protected from loss and misuse.
16. To have the freedom to choose their pharmaceutical care provider.
17. To discuss and request information related to their specific drug therapy, possible adverse side effects and drug interactions.
18. To have their grievances & complaints heard and taken care of.
19. To be protected from physical assault during their visit/stay at Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital.
20. To receive care in any medical emergency situation.
21. To end of life care, both respectfully and compassionately.
22. Patient has the right to informed consent for treatment, procedures, interventions,  as per Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Consent Form.

Patient Responsibilities

1. To carry their medical card/insurance card with them when seeking treatment or care.
2. To follow the rules and regulations of the medical center.
3. To show respect and be courteous to staff members.
4. Not to use abusive language and/or display unsocial behavior to other patients, visitors or staff.
5. To show consideration for other patient’s needs, especially where their needs are greater.
6. To use the emergency and walk-in services appropriately.
7. To give accurate information about personal details and past medical history as well as to inform the medical staff of any treatments and medications that you are taking and any history of allergy or of an allergic reaction to any medication.
8. To be accountable for their own actions if they decide not to follow the health care provider instructions and/or treatment plan and recommendations.
9. To safeguard any belonging that they decide to keep in their possession after they have been admitted.
10. To keep outpatient appointments and inform the clinic in advance if they are unable to attend.
11. To inform the medical staff if they have any special requirements for discharge and are requested to be prepared to go home once medically discharged from Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital.
12. To be accountable for the payment of the services provided by Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital as applicable.