Pain Management Program

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Pain Management Program

Pain can come in many forms and can be acute (short term) and chronic pain (long term) regardless of its origin and cause. Pain impacts function and quality of life of patients and those around them and has an economic impact. Being both a physical and psychological condition, it is important to utilize a medical and emotional approach to treating this condition in order to restore function and quality of life.

At Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, we offer an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to Pain management as an outpatient program. Our aim to restore function and quality of life by addressing factors contributing to pain and developing an individualized program following thorough assessment and goal setting. Our programs empower the individual to take control and manage their condition in order to regain independence with medical support, education, behavior modification and exercise.

Our programs will focus on, but not limited to, the following individuals experiencing:
• Musculoskeletal and rheumatic pain, Pain caused by arthritis and neuropathies.
• Long-term pain that has not responded to previous medical intervention.
• Pain affecting activities of daily living and function.

Treatment, Research, Technology and Outcome

Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital offers an individualized program and combines evidence-based treatment and innovation based on current and evolving technologies and may include, but not limited to:
• Education program.
• Individual and group exercise sessions.
• Alternative medicine such as Dry Needling
• Manual therapy and Electrotherapeutic modalities.
• Hydrotherapy.

Studies show that patients treated at an acute rehabilitation hospital achieve better outcomes than those in other care settings. On average, our patients have greater improvement during their rehabilitation and a higher level of functional independence upon discharge, in line with benchmarks that measure criteria such as locomotion, cognitive ability and activities of daily living.


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