Osteoporosis Treatment


Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease characterized by decreased bone mass, making bones weak and brittle. The most frequent type of this disease is primary Osteoporosis which affects females over age of 50.

Osteoporosis is a global health issue as it is massive and clinically silent until bone fracture occurs.

Osteoporotic fractures are common (approximately one fracture every three seconds worldwide) and costly in term of public health and personal health consequences.

Osteoporosis is preventable and treatable. Early detection of the disease is crucial to stop fracture cascade.

In Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital patients can get clinical assessment, DEXA bone densitometry, other imaging and laboratory services necessary for early diagnosis. Bone densitometry is simple, safe, and quick test to measure bone mass, with immediate result obtained.

Thus, plan for appropriate prevention or treatment of Osteoporosis with supplements, physiotherapy and pharmacological intervention can be created on solid grounds for success.

– Osteoporotic fractures are common

– Fractures are costly

– Fractures affect general health and quality of life

– Prevent fractures-check bone density


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