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For Specialized Rehabilitation Center, your health is important, and we have arrangements in place to keep you healthy. Visit us and get in touch with the best neuro rehab experts who will guide you step by step. For those who may be new to the term, the neuro rehabilitation is a physician supervised program for patients suffering from diseases, severe injuries, or nervous system related disorders. Timely executed neuro rehab programs reduce pain and restore the well-being of patient.  

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At SRH, we take pride in becoming the neuro rehab center for all in Abu Dhabi. As a full-fledged neuro rehab care center, we administer and treat all types of injuries, infections, diseases, defects and tumors that harm the nervous system. Long term exposure to these may damage your nervous system. SRH brings benefits that will help you recover from conditions like meningitis, vascular disorders, and trauma as a result of spine injury, seizures and headaches.

Addressing common neurological issues using neuro rehab

Whether your kid is having trouble in speaking, our neuro rehab experts know what to do. Using their expertise, they help your kid learn to speak by removing common barricades. Similarly, patients suffering from chronic illness such as spine injuries need long term rehabilitation. Each rehab program is designed to cater individual needs and is patient centric. We at SRH provide therapy and medicine if needed, so that you could enjoy life like a normal person.

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Looking for top neuro rehab hospitals near you? Visit us and get firsthand information and treatment for your pain. Our neuro rehab experts listen carefully and suggest treatments and work. For more information, call us at +971 2 698 5555 and ask any questions you may have about SRH neuro rehab center.