Long Term Vent Rehabilitation

SRH ventilated patients are enlisted into our Ventilator Rehabilitation program, where they are provided with excellent medical/ICU services, respiratory care services, skilled critical care nursing, rehabilitation and social services, motivational therapy by psychologist, and dietary services.

All services are provided under one roof in a purpose built facility with state of the art equipment and 24/7 radiology, pharmacy and lab services. We provide comprehensive care in a multidisciplinary team with focus on a holistic and culturally sensitive approach to patient care. Professionals from all specialties converge their expertise to provide best specialized care to every patient in a friendly and motivating environment with the aim of achieving short term, medium term and long term goals.

The ultimate goal would be to discharge the patient home to a safe and friendly environment with max support for the family.

Long Term Vent. Rehab. Pediatric

SRH is a hospital fully equipped to look after pediatric patients with complex medical needs including children with chronic respiratory failure requiring mechanical and non-invasive ventilation. It’s a Consultant led service that provides medical and rehabilitation care in state of the art decorated child-friendly rooms supported by 24/7 intensive care coverage, radiology, pharmacy and laboratory services.

The services are further augmented by a state of the art pediatric gym with robotics and virtual reality as well as a sensory room. This service is led by Pediatric and PM and R Consultants and a pediatric specialized team of RT, PT, OT, SLP and dietary experts. SRH is directly linked to the leading rehabilitation center in the US, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab (SRA) for expert training and care. To ensure that our pediatric patients receive the best of rehabilitation care, cases are routinely discussed in a MDT team with experts in pediatric rehabilitation.


Ventilator Weaning Program

SRH’s ventilator weaning program is unique and unparalleled. The team is led by ICU physicians supported by around the clock attentive care by an experienced team of RT, chest physiotherapy, PT, OT, SLP, dieticians.

Medical services are complimented by other specialties as Pulmonary, PM and R, ENT, Urology, GI, and wound care management team including skilled wound care nurses and plastic surgery all cooperating in interdisciplinary clinical support to achieve ventilator independence and prevent pneumonia.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Equipped to provide treatment to patients with complex critical care needs who require constant care, close supervision from life support equipment and medication, supported by a dedicated team of highly trained physicians, ICU nurses and respiratory therapists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We focus on providing urgent medical attention to our patients who require immediate critical care and ICU support. In addition to our skilled medical staff and cutting-edge equipment we are supported by 24/7 Laboratory, pharmacy and radiology services as well as urgent point of care testing. Early rehabilitation is initiated in the ICU setting thanks to our spacious friendly ICU rooms capable of accommodating equipment and extra personnel, also the spacious rooms allow for family visits and socialization further motivating our patients in a friendly ICU environment.


Dedicated Doctors Team

Dr. Ramzi Moufarrej

Dr. Ramzi Moufarrej

Chief Medical Officer