Central to ensuring break-through therapy is a healing space in which interdisciplinary teams of therapists, doctors and nursing staff work together. This strategic deployment of talent will ensure scientifically backed hope for the patient and their families.

The setting is a state of the art "Space" - From the prominent facade to the private patient rooms, from the revolutionary Hydrotherapy suites to the exceptional "Bayt Al Qudra" suites, all designed with patient healing in mind.

SRH is more than just a list of equipment, staff and facilities, it's a community, cultivated by talent, knowledge, trust and pride…for a more empowered tomorrow.

We offer a progressive model of care through seven core offerings, focused on areas of rehabilitation science that will change the way patients get better:

Brain and
Spinal Cord

A physiatrist-led program providing structured therapy that promotes recovery and healing for conditions affecting the human brain and spinal cord; a rehabilitation course to facilitate cognitive & neurological repair and recovery.

Our patients will receive care from physicians with expertise in functional recovery and therapies for holistic brain recovery, with nursing and therapeutic focus.

Orthopedic / Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

A fully dedicated hospital floor with our revolutionary gymnasium – Bay Al Qudra - focusing on the rehabilitation of patients with diminished function and mobility caused by muscular disorders, joint replacement surgery, fractures, sports injuries and limb loss.

We offer sophisticated therapeutic tools coupled with the knowledge from our team of medical professionals.

Cardiac and

A rehabilitation course designed for patients with disabilities related to heart disease and/or severe respiratory disorders. This program includes supervised exercise programs to increase strength and endurance, as well as services to help patients manage and modify behavioral risk factors.

Pediatric Long-Term Care & Rehabilitation

An entire child-centered hospital wing dedicated to providing care for young patients and their families.

A Telemetry wing, a dedicated gymnasium, intensive care and rehabilitation beds and the most advanced medicine and technology, coupled with our experienced team of physicians and nursing staff, offer the best chance to help our patients lead a happier and more empowered life.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

A program designed to provide comprehensive care for patients who need help navigating the road of recovery.

We have created a wing for recovering inpatients in need of follow-ups and consultation in neurology, internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonology, pediatrics, and dental services. Facilities for outpatients include a gender-specific gymnasium with adjacent retail amenities.

Long-Term Care

A primary care model complete with skilled nursing facilities, to provide critical care in a home setting.

Multiple floors dedicated to serve both temporary and ongoing long- term patients with levels of acuity - ranging from simple to severe, requiring a varying range of medical care including cardiac monitoring, bedside nursing and ventilators.

Home Health Services

A dedicated program supported by some of the best doctors, clinicians, therapists and nursing staff that comes to the patient where needed.

For our patients who are homebound, bedbound, wheelchair bound and/or need assistance in daily living activities, our dedicated nursing teams, physicians and therapists deliver recovery and comfort care.